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Hey everybody! Today I wanted to talk about UTI's. These are urinary tract infections. They're really common, they're simple infections, but if they go left untreated or if they become chronic, these can become very serious infections. And so I want to give you a few tips and tricks on how to prevent them from happening at all. Because just because we're women and because of our anatomy, we're at a much higher risk of developing UTI's than men are.

1. Wipe front to back

So one, when you go to the bathroom, make sure that you always wipe from front to back. This is going to help prevent getting any bacteria into your urinary tract to possibly cause an infection.

2. Avoid scented products

You also want to avoid any scents. Scented perfumes, lotions, body washes, even tampons and pads with perfumes - these can be very irritating and can also contribute to the development of urinary tract infections.

3. Urinate before and after sex

Whenever you have sex, make sure you urinate before and after sex. This will help flush your urinary system of any bacteria that was introduced and isn't normal for your urinary tract.

4. Hydrate

And lastly, make sure that you drink A LOT of water. So what this will do is dilute your urine and make you urinate more frequently. Again, kind of flushing out your urinary system and ridding of any unwanted bacteria that may have entered.

So these are just a few simple tricks to stay healthy and prevent urinary tract infections. If you ever have any uncomfortable symptoms; painful urination, blood in your urine, or you're just going to the bathroom frequently and can't get rid of that sensation of needing to urinate, come into the clinic and we'll get you checked out!

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