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Melanoma: Signs & Warnings

Understanding Melanoma

Hey guys, it's Leah from My Local Clinic Home! We're now in May and this is Melanoma Skin Cancer Awareness Month. I was going to share with you guys a really easy acronym - "A B C D E" - to help you identify any possibly suspicious moles.

A stands for asymmetry, meaning half of your mole is different from the other half.

B stands for borders, meaning the border of your mole is irregular or really poorly defined.

C stands for color. More than one color in a mole can be suspicious. These colors can range from brown and black all the way to red and blue.

D is for diameter. Most melanoma skin cancers are greater than 6mm, which is about the size of a pencil eraser.

Last is E which stands for evolution. If you have a mole that has changed in size, color, or shape, then this is a red flag.

Alright, I got all of this information from the American Academy of Dermatology. It has all the "A B C D E's" on here with photos. So if you want more information just go ahead and visit this website.

Thank you guys for listening! I hope this helped you learn something about Melanoma Skin Cancer and helps you to remember your "A B C D E's." If you have any concerns or if you just want a comprehensive skin assessment, be sure to go see your dermatologist and if you don't have one, come see me at My Local Clinic Home and we'll get you taken care of!

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