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Viruses vs Bacteria & Why You Don't Always Need Antibiotics!

Hey everybody! Today we are going to talk about viruses versus bacteria. There’s always been a lot of confusion around which one you need antibiotics for so today I am going to try and clear some of that up.

Virus vs. Bacteria

So viruses are not actually living. They require a host or a person in order to survive. Whereas bacteria, on the other hand, they are single celled living organisms. And so, just on the most basic level of their existence, these two things are very fundamentally different.

How do you treat a viral vs. a bacterial infection?

So the way that we treat viral infections and bacterial infections is very different. You can take antivirals for some viral infections, but for your most common illnesses you really just have to let the virus run its course. This can be anywhere from 7-10 days. And your main focus is going to be staying comfortable and treating any symptoms you may have like pain, or fever, or body aches.

You DO NOT need antibiotics for viral infections. I want to say that one more time and make it very DO NOT you DO NOT you DO NOT you DO NOT you DO NOT need antibiotics for viral infections. Antibiotics will not make you feel better faster if you have a viral infection. And I know that this can be confusing understanding what’s a viral infection versus a bacterial infection so here is a chart that I’m going to leave you with to help you understand.

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