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Can I Drink Alcohol If I'm Taking Antibiotics?

A common question with antibiotics and alcohol is, “Does alcohol decrease the effectiveness of my antibiotic?” Well, the answer to that is no, not with moderation. If you do drink while you’re on antibiotics, your antibiotic is still going to work the same but again, I want to reiterate if you’re sick and taking medication because of it, you just need to avoid alcohol.

Are there any dangers with drinking and taking antibiotics?

Probably the most important thing that I want to tell you today is that there are a few antibiotics, Flagyl and Bactrim probably being the most common, that if you take them and mix with alcohol you can have a severe reaction. Ok? So you 100% absolutely need to avoid drinking alcohol if you’re on either one of these antibiotics. This is called a disulfiram reaction and you can experience hot flashes, dizziness, an upset stomach, flushing, and you can get really really ill.

So again, if you’re sick and not feeling well just avoid alcohol until you’re healthy. And again, if you do drink alcohol please drink responsibly. And always be sure to finish your antibiotics as prescribed.

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